Religions around the world -- Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic, etc. -- use prayer beads as useful guides to remembering prayers and principles. While Neo-Paganism is so diverse a religion that there is no one set of beads that could be right for all Pagans, we offer here a selection of Pagan prayer beads different enough to satisfy nearly any Pagan.

Our beads were mentioned an article which ran in the Washington Post, on BeliefNet and on Religion News Service. The article was written by Kimberly Winston, who later interviewed Raven for her website. Recently, the National Museum of Ethnology in Leiden began to collect prayer beads from many different faiths around the world for a forthcoming international exhibit. The First Kingdom Church of Asphodel is proud to have arranged for sponsors, and all 13 of the Pagan prayer beads to be shown in this exhibit were crafted here at Cauldron Farm.

For more information on these prayer beads, or to ask a question about a custom set of prayer beads, please contact Raven at or by telephone at (978) 928-9795.

Prayer Cards

In addition, our friend Galina Krasskova is offering Prayer Cards for many gods, with original artwork donated by various artists. They are available for sale on her website.

Information about our beads

These Pagan prayer beads are created one at a time, specially for each individual, with thought and intent. They may vary slightly from the ones in the photograph. Each comes in three styles: large hand-painted wood, medium glass/stone/bone (8-10mm), and large glass/stone/bone (10-12mm). Each made will be slightly different, but the photos will show you the general look of the piece. Some are quite long, others are more "necklace-size". Some styles come with a pendant, some do not. This is stated in the description.

We use natural and handcrafted materials. What stone or glass bead is used for what depends partly on availability of certain beads in different sizes, but largely on symbolism of color and stone. We paint the wooden beads ourselves, and shellac them. We don't use plastic beads, as natural materials hold a better energy charge. The strings for these beads are generally handspun on a Viking-style soapstone spindle of wool, mohair, silk, flax, or some combination of these. Some stone/glass sets are strung on "tiger tail" wire for durability. We can string any set on fishing line or "tiger tail" wire, on request. If your prayer beads ever get broken, we are happy to restring them for the cost of round-trip shipping. (There may be a small charge to replace missing beads.) Email us for more information.

Beads are custom made at the time of order, so expect up to 4 weeks for your beads to arrive. For rush orders, please contact us. Listed prices do not include shipping. For up to five sets of beads, shipping is a total of $5 anywhere in the US, $20 to Canada, and $24 for all other countries. For larger orders, please contact us.

Each set of beads comes with its own prayer. With the help of devoted practitioners of many traditions, we have crafted line-by-line prayers to use in the telling of each strand of beads. Excerpts from the prayers are shown for each set. Of course, you may also use the beads for silent contemplation, magical focus, decoration, or your own personal prayers.

We welcome special requests. If you would like something different from what is listed, please ask and we will do our best to work with you and find something suitable. If you would like a set of a specific combination of materials, colors, or correspondences, send us an email. We will even craft sets for specific deities, traditions, or purposes to suit your individual needs. Do not hesitate to contact us with any special requests. We can also make custom pendants for any of the beads.

To pay by check or money order, mail us your payment with a note specifying your shipping address, email (or phone number if you have no email), the style/variety of beads you are ordering and any special instructions you have. Mail this to: Raven Kaldera, Cauldron Farm, 12 Simond Hill Rd. Hubbardston MA 10452. Payment may be sent as a check or money order, payable to Raven Kaldera. You can email us your order and then mail a check, if you prefer.

For vendors: We have had a lot of requests about wholesaling and drop-shipping our beads through other online businesses. Because we sell these beads for a very small markup above cost, they cannot be wholesaled. Our motivation in selling them is not to make lots of money, but to promote prayer to Pagans, and as such we keep prices as affordable as possible. This is not a business for us. It is an act of devotion to the Gods. We are happy to drop-ship, but we cannot offer a discount.

Order of the Horae Pagan Monastic Prayer Beads (63 beads)

Prayer beads for contemplation, meditation, and self improvement. Pendant has Sun/Moon design. See our page on the Order of the Horae Beads for more information.

Styles and Prices:
Monk (painted wood): $55.00
Lady Knight (6-8mm stone/glass beads): $75.00
Royal Rosary (10mm stone/glass beads): $75.00

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Prayer Excerpt:
V. (The Horae)
I. In the Name of Eunomia, Keeper of Rules; Hora of the Upraised Hand;
  I am bound by the Law of the Universe.
II. In the Name of Dike, Keeper of Justice; Hora of the Even Hand;
  That which I give, I receive in turn.
III. In the Name of Irene, Keeper of the Peace; Hora of the Open Hand;
  I live in unity with my own path.
VI. (The Hours)
1. In the hour before dawn, I nourish hope for the future.
2. At the rising of the Sun, I open my mind to the light.
3. The song of the morning rings joyously in my soul.
4. My body is a sacred vessel in which I experience love.
5. In the moment of cleansing, my blood runs with the waters of many oceans.
6. In the eye of the Sun, I celebrate that which gives life.
7. The hands of the Gods are upon me, and my gratitude is poured out onto the earth.
8. My work is arduous, yet I am equal to this challenge.
9. My labors are heavy, yet I take solace in this discipline.
10. In the hour before dusk, I stand in awe of that which is greater than I.
11. At the setting of the Sun, I praise the passing of all things.
12. In the eye of the Moon, I walk willingly into the darkness.
"Monk" prayer beads, painted wood
Monastic prayer beads, painted wood

"Royal Rosary", large stone and glass

Northern-Tradition Prayer Beads (81 Beads)

'Godhi' style Northern Tradition prayer beads, Large glass/stone.
"Godhi" prayer beads, Large glass/stone.

Beads for the Norse/Germanic/Saxon worshippers. Includes the 3 Nornir, the Nine Worlds, 20 for the Aesir, 12 for Frigga's handmaidens, 7 for the Vanir, 12 for the Rokkr/Jotnir, and three for Sun, Moon, and the World Tree. Spacer beads on the glass/stone sets are all bone, for counting ancestors and beloved dead.

Prices are without pendant; most Northern-Tradition worshippers have tended to want to attach the pendant of their choice. For an extra fee, a stone or wood pendant can be carved with runes, or a Thor's hammer or other pendant attached.

Styles and Prices:
Godhi (large glass/stone/bone): $75.00
Gythia (medium glass/stone/bone) $75.00
Freeman (hand-painted wood) $55.00

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"Freeman" prayer beads, painted wood.
Prayer excerpt:
By the name of Urd, I seek the spinning thread of my true path.
By the name of Verdandi, I weave my life with the threads of those I love.
By the name of Skuld, I make peace with the blade of my final wyrd.
In the name of Odin, the All-Father, One-Eyed Master of Runes, may I be opened to ecstasy and inspiration.
In the name of Frigga, Mistress of Fensalir, spinner of clouds, may my home be a frithstead where all are welcome.
In the name of Thor, Lord of Thunder, Master of the Winds of the Western World, may my strength never fail me.
In the name of Sif, Lady Gold-Tressed, may I take pride in my own skill.
In the name of Heimdall, Guardian of the Rainbow Bridge, may I be able to defend my own boundaries.
In the name of Tyr, Lord of Swords, may I walk with true honor in the world.
In the name of Balder, Bright One who must fall, may I learn to offer sacrifice with grace.
In the name of Nanna, Bright One's Shadow, may I learn loyalty in love.
In the name of Iduna, Giver of Immortality, may I have health and purity of body.
In the name of Bragi, Skald of Asgard, may words of beauty fall from my tongue.
In the name of Saga, Keeper of Stories, may my heart ring with the tales of the ancestors.
In the name of Ullr, Bow-Strong and Arrow-Sharp, may all that I seek be shown to me.
In the name of Skadi, Lady of Ice and Snow, may I be focused and true of purpose.
In the name of Vili, Master of the Will, may my determination know no bounds.
In the name of Ve, Master of Hidden Power, may I come to see beyond my senses.
In the name of Forseti, Asgard's Judge, may I be a lover of justice.
In the name of Vidar, Lord of Battle-Rage, may my courage never falter.
In the name of Hermod, Traveler on Hel's Road, may I never fear to walk in darkness.
In the name of Mimir, Master of the Dark Well, may I be wise in the ways of the deep places.
In the name of Hoenir, may I know when to remain silent.

Greek Prayer Beads (72 beads)

"Basilissa" prayer beads,
small stone and glass.

For those who work with the classical Hellenic pantheon. Includes the 3 Moerae, 12 Olympians, earth gods, 10 Titans and heroes, 5 underworld gods, and 12 Horai (the ancient Greek Hours of the day). Spacer beads are silver-tone. Prices are without pendant; those who work with the Greek pantheon have tended to want to be able to attach the pendant of their choice. For an extra fee, we can attach an appropriate pendant; inquire via

Styles and Prices:
Agrotis (painted wood): $55.00
Basilissa (8mm stone/glass): $75.00
Basilias (10mm stone/glass): $75.00
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Prayer Excerpt:
III. (The Moerae)
By the name of Clotho, I seek the spinning thread of my true path.
By the name of Lachesis, I weave my life with the threads of those I love.
By the name of Atropos, I make peace with the blade of my final destiny.
IV. (The Celestial Gods)
1. By the breath of Boreas, North Wind, I sing for courage against the storm.
2. By the breath of Zephyrus, West Wind, I sing for solace against sorrow.
3. By the breath of Notus, South Wind, I sing for joy and mighty elation.
4. By the breath of Eurus, East Wind, I sing for clarity in the face of confusion.
5. By the rays of Helios, I sing for far vision over the turning world.
6. By the glow of Selene, I sing for illumination in the darkness.
7. By the rising of Eos, I sing for each new dawning.

Egyptian Prayer Beads (61 beads)

"Riverside" prayer beads, wood and clay
Egyptian prayer beads - wooden
For those who work with the ancient Egyptian pantheon. Includes the three seasons of Egypt (Flooding, Emergence, and Summer), Ra and his generation of gods, Osiris and his generation of gods, the Nile gods, the deities of creation and destruction, and the deities of birth, life, and death. Comes with ankh pendant.

Styles and Prices:
Riverside (painted wood and clay): $55.00
Temple (8mm stone/glass): $80.00
Pharaoh (10mm stone/glass): $80.00
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Prayer excerpt:
I. (Nun)
In the beginning all was chaos,
  And then the Great Word was spoken,
  And from Chaos sprang Creation,
  And the Word was Nun.
II. (The Seasons)
1. In the time of Flood, all is washed away and hidden from the Sun.
2. In the time of Emergence, all comes to light.
3. In the time of Summer, we reap what has been sown.
III. (The First Generation of the Sun)
1. In the name of Ra, Great Sun above us, may your blessed rays always shine on my life.
2. In the name of Kheperu who rolls the chariot, may I face my labors with a willing heart.
3. In the name of Shu, Lord of the Air, may I breathe in clarity and awareness.
4. In the name of Tefnut, Lady of the Dew, may there be grace in my touch.
5. In the name of Geb, Earth Father Beneath Us, may I stand strong and rooted.
6. In the name of Nut, Sky Mother Above Us, may hope guide me like a star.

Celtic Prayer Beads

"Dagda" prayer beads, wood
bead photo

For those who work with a mixed Celtic pantheon. Includes the Ogham tree alphabet, Celtic gods and heroes, sacred places, and the cycle of life in ancient Celtic thought. Spacer beads are clear glass. Comes with triskell pendant.

Styles and Prices:
Dagda (painted wood): $55.00
Brigid (8mm stone/glass): $80.00
Lugh (10mm stone/glass): $80.00
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Prayer Excerpt:
III. The Worlds
From the darkness of Annwn I arise,
In the circle of Abred I make my home,
To the height of Gwynvyd I ascend.
IV. The Gods Of Life And Death
In the name of Danu, Mother of Gods, may I never be without a hearth to turn to.
In the name of Dagda, Oak King, may my judgment be balanced and sound.
In the name of Lugh, bright Lord of the Sun, may I understand the meaning of willing sacrifice.
In the name of Arianrhod, Silver Wheel of the Moon, may I learn to skillfully ride the tides of my own heart.

Classic Wicca Prayer Beads (51 beads)

"High Priest" prayer beads, large stone/glass
'High Priest' style Wiccan prayer beads, large stone/glass

For pagans on a Wiccan path. Beads include the four elements, the high holidays, the tools of magic, the archetypal Neo-Pagan gods, and the Laws of Witchcraft. Spacer beads are colored glass. Comes with pentacle pendant.

Styles and Prices:
Summoner (painted wood): $55.00
High Priestess (8mm stone/glass): $80.00
High Priest (10mm stone/glass): $80.00
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Prayer Excerpt:
III. (Elements)
1. Blessed be the east at dawn, that brings clarity to my mind.
2. Blessed be the south in fire, that bring light to my spirit.
3. Blessed be the west waters, that bring balm to my heart.
4. Blessed be the north earth, that brings strength to my body.
IV. (Triple Goddess And God)
1. May the Maiden bless me and all my beginnings with a light heart.
2. May the Mother bless me and care for me with her loving arms.
3. May the Crone bless me and teach me the ways of wisdom.
4. May the Green Man bless me with laughter and joy.
5. May the Corn King teach me the meaning of sacrifice.
6. May the Horned One protect me and guide me through the darkness.

Astrological Prayer Beads (62 beads)

For those who work with astrological signs and symbols, and wish to contemplate the wonders of the Cosmos. Beads include the 10 planets, 12 signs, 12 houses, 6 aspects, 4 cardinal points, and the Nodes. Comes with star-shaped pendant.

Styles and Prices:
Semisextile (painted wood): $55.00
Sextile (8mm stone/glass): $70.00
Trine (10mm stone/glass): $70.00
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Prayer Excerpt:
I. Node Repeater
1. By the Dragon's Tail, I bring my soul's past with me.
2. By the Dragon's Head, I forge the path into my own future.
3. I am one with the wheel of the Cosmos.
II. Planets.
1. By the power of the Sun, I learn to believe in myself.
2. By the power of the Moon, I learn the depth of my own feeling.
3. By the power of Mercury, I learn to speak my own truth.
4. By the power of Venus, I learn to love myself and others.
5. By the power of Mars, I learn to take action in an uncertain world.
6. By the power of Jupiter, I learn generosity in the face of adversity.
7. By the power of Saturn, I learn to respect boundaries.
8. By the power of Uranus, I learn to question boundaries.
9. By the power of Neptune, I learn to transcend boundaries.
10. By the power of Pluto, I learn to transform my existence.

Healer's Prayer Beads

"Hebe" prayer beads,
painted wood.

For those who work as healers of bodies, minds and souls in our communities. Healers take a great deal of stress onto themselves, and it can be useful to have special prayers for their difficult jobs.

Styles and Prices:
Hebe (painted wood): $40.00
Aesclepius (8mm stone/glass): $60.00
Athene (10mm stone/glass): $60.00
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Prayer Excerpt:
I. Healer's Prayer:
1. I dedicate my hands to the work of healing bodies;
Show me where to bring the food of life.
2. I dedicate my mind to the work of healing minds;
Show me where to bring the water of life.
3. I dedicate my heart to the work of healing hearts,
For to heal is to make whole.

Heathen Healer's Prayer Beads

For healers of in Northern Tradition practices. The prayers for the Heathen beads are written by Galina Krasskova, author of The Whisperings of Woden. Styles and Prices:
Iduna (painted wood): $40.00
Eir (10mm stone/glass): $60.00

Buy with PayPal or Credit Card:

Prayer Excerpt:
I. Healer's Prayer
1. In the name of the Matronae, most ancient tribal Mothers, may I walk in strength and fortitude, sure in the guidance of your wisdom and your power.
2. In the name of Eir, greatest of Healers, may I be an open conduit for Your healing might. Guide my hands and heart in Your service.
3. In the name of Yggdrasil, the great Tree, may I find my center and may it never be shaken from me.

II. First Nygon
1. In the name of Erda, Eorðan Moðor, may I never cease to honor the earth beneath my feet.
2. In the name of Frigga, the All-Mother, Lady of Asgard, may my mind and work be focused and clear of purpose.
3. In the name of Fulla, dearest companion of Frigga, may I guard well the integrity of my calling.
4. In the name of Angurboða, ancient, fierce and wise, may I honor wisdom in all its forms, not just those that are most comfortable or pleasing.
5. In the name of Hella may I never look upon death as an enemy but greet Her with reverence and respect.
6. In the name of Gerda, Goddess of the sacred enclosure, beloved bride of Frey, may I never violate the boundaries of the healer-patient relationship for they are sacred to healer and patient alike.
7. In the name of Griðr, mighty ally of Thor, may I never be too proud to ask for aid.
8. In the name of Baldr, the Blessed, may I seek the true face of pain and find understanding.
9. In the name of Idunn, the Restorer, may I learn to make of herbs and plants allies and friends in the healing process.

Love Prayer Beads (36 Beads)

"Aphrodite" prayer beads, large stone/glass
'Aphrodite' style Love prayer beads, large stone/glass

For those who wish to bring love of any kind into their lives. Beads include love gods and goddesses from many different cultures. Using the beads is a way to create a regular love mantra, either for a spell to bring love, or for gratitude for one's own loves, or to better understand the nature of Love Itself. Comes with stone heart pendant.

Styles and Prices:
Eros (painted wood): $40.00
Ishtar (8mm stone/glass): $60.00
Aphrodite (10mm stone/glass): $60.00
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Prayer excerpt:
III. Triple Love Beads
1. I was born of the love of the Body,
2. I learn to give and receive love of the Heart,
3. I open myself to the love of the Soul.
IV. The Many Faces of Divine Love
1. I sing of Eros, Archer of Love! May you strike me to the heart, and may I never recover.
2. I sing of Ishtar, Goddess of Love and War! May I be my beloved's most honored opponent when we disagree.
3. I sing of Inanna, She Who Walks Into The Darkness! May my love and I be willing to see and love each other's dark places within.
4. I sing of Freya, Brisingamen's Mistress! May my love and I always value each other for our true worth.
5. I sing of Frey, Lord of Love Bound to Land! May I learn when to sacrifice for love.
6. I sing of Hathor, Cow-Eyed Goddess! May my love's voice be music to my ears.
7. I sing of Parvati, Lady of Flesh! May my love and I learn to speak each other's languages.
8. I sing of Lakshmi, Maid of the Waterfall! May my love and I know when to be tender with each other.
9. I sing of Blodeuwedd, Child of Oak and Broom and Meadowsweet! May I never need to construct a false self for my love.
10. I sing of Oshun, Daughter of the River! May our love glitter like gold and run as strong as honey brandy.
11. I sing of Ezili Freda, Yearning One! May I learn what I can and cannot ask of Love!
12. I sing of Pomba Gira, Lady of Lust! May our loins always cry out for each other.
13. I sing of Babalon, Scarlet Woman! May I learn to love beyond all convention.

Birthing Beads (30 Beads)

For pregnant women and women in labor. Can be used as a tool to keep calm during labor, and as a prayer for the health of mother and baby. Wonderful gift not only for pregnant women but midwives as well. Beads include deities of fertility, childbirth, lactation, and protection of the family from many different cultures. Comes with mother goddess pendant.

"Artemis" birthing beads, large stone/glass
bead photo

Styles and Prices:
Heqat (painted wood): $40.00
Ilithyia (8mm stone/glass): $60.00
Artemis (10mm stone/glass): $60.00
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Prayer Excerpt:
V. Repeating Ancestor Prayer
1. I go in the footsteps of a thousand mothers.
2. I go in the footsteps of a thousand grandmothers.
3. I go in the footsteps of my own mother before me.
VI. Goddess Prayer
1. In the name of Gaea, may my womb be opened.
2. In the name of Ilithyia, may my pains be quickened.
3. In the name of Demeter, may I hold my child in my arms.
4. In the name of Yemaya, may the ocean of my body bring forth life.
5. In the name of Kwan Yin, may the Mother have mercy on me.
6. In the name of Frigga, may I bring the next generation into my home.

Death Prayer Beads

For those who wish to meditate on the mysteries of darkness, destruction, and the passing of all things. Beads include deities of death and destruction from many different cultures. Spacers are small bone skulls. This is an unusual piece; be careful and don't work with it frivolously. Praying to the death deities can change your life dramatically, but it may not be in ways you expect. If it calls to you, you'll know.

Styles and Prices:
Kali (painted wood): $55.00
Persephone (8mm stone/glass): $80.00
Hades (10mm stone/glass): $80.00
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Prayer Excerpt:
X. Elemental Deaths
Hail to the funeral pyre that lights the shadows,
Hail to the ocean that devours all flesh,
Hail to the open grave in the earth,
Hail to the carrion birds that feed and fly.
XI. Death Prayer
Hail to the ashes of the cremation grounds,
Hail to the silence of the tomb,
Hail to the gleam of the white bone,
Hail to the stones of the barrow-mound,
Hail to the whispering wind that mourns,
Hail to the opening of the empty hands,
Hail to the work of the carrion beetles,
Hail to all that rots to feed Life anew,
Hail to the end that is the beginning.

Leadership Prayer Beads

"Chieftain" prayer beads, painted wood
bead photo

For those of us in leadership positions in the Pagan community. Beads represent deities in positions of power and authority, and the lessons they have to teach us as role models. They can be used for stress relief during difficult leadership crises, or as a way to ask the divine powers for advice on matters of authority. An excellent gift for your local high priest/ess. No pendant is included.

Styles and Prices:
Chieftain (painted wood): $40.00
Queenship (8mm stone/glass): $60.00
Kingship (10mm stone/glass): $60.00
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Prayer Excerpt:
V. Leader's Prayer
I have the courage to take on this great job; my confidence will inspire those in my care.
My people have needs I must provide for; I will be listen and hear them.
My people are my resources; I will assess them realistically.
My word is a bond of iron; I will keep my commitments faithfully.
My honor is my gold: I will walk my talk at all times.
VI. Leadership of the West
In the name of the Dagda, Oak King, may I care for the bodies of my people.
In the name of Brigid, Lady of Sovereignty, may I be a flame for my people that never burns out.
In the name of Lugh, Sun King, may my many talents be harnessed for the good of all.
In the name of the Morrigan, Battle Raven, may my pride never come first in my decisions.
In the name of Arawn, Lord of Annwn, may my rulership always be just and wise.

Parenting Prayer Beads

"Frigga" beads,
small glass/stone

bead photo
Prayer beads especially for parents, because there will always be times when you need to calm down and remember that you actually do love these terrible little beasts. Our parenting prayer beads are dedicated to divine god/dess mothers and fathers all over the world, and can be used to call upon them for aid and advice. Excellent meditative tool for the stressed parent, because after all, it's the most important job in the world. Spacer beads are red coral, which is traditionally used as a protective charm for children. Comes with stone bear pendant.

Styles and Prices:
Demeter (painted wood): $40.00
Frigga (8mm stone/glass): $60.00
Gaea (10mm stone/glass): $60.00
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Prayer Excerpt:
I. Parent's Prayer
I am a keeper of the future; my love outruns my anger.
I am a keeper of the future; my patience outruns my pride.
I am a keeper of the future; my hope outruns my despair.
VII. Bear Spirit Pendant
In the name of the Bear Spirit, who will defend the young with tooth and claw, may no harm come to those whom I give to the future.

Academic Prayer Beads

For the stressed student! Beads include mantras for deities of learning and wisdom from many different cultures. Speak to these teachers when you're having trouble with the flesh-and-blood ones, or when the learning grind becomes too rough. A good mental focuser before tests. Comes with stone pendant.

Styles and Prices:
Chiron (painted wood): $40.00
Thoth (8mm stone/glass): $60.00
Athene (10mm stone/glass): $60.00
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Prayer Excerpt:
Prayer excerpt yet to come.

Wedding Prayer Beads (42 beads)

"Juno" prayer beads, medium stone/glass
Juno style wedding beads

To be given as a wedding gift, or a gift for any couple who need a reminder of why they married. These beads are good for those times when there are storms on the marital horizon, and a couple needs to remember to be gentle with each other. These beads can be counted alone, or alternately between a couple. Beads symbolize deities of marriage, fidelity, and love.

Styles and Prices:
Bes (painted wood): $40.00
Juno (8mm stone/glass): $60.00
Hera (10mm stone/glass): $60.00
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Prayer excerpt:
V. (Repeating wedding vow)
1. Above us are the stars,
2. Below us are the stones.
3. Like a star will our love be constant,
4. Like a stone will our love be strong.
VI. (Juno)
1. Juno Pronuba, bless our commitment.
2. Juno Moneta, give us wise counsel.
3. Juno Domiduca, bless our feet upon the threshold.
4. Juno Nuxia, protect the home we share.
5. Juno Cinxia, bless our bodies entwined.
6. Juno Regina, help us through the daily chores.
7. Juno Lucina, Lady of Light, Incomparable Queen, bring the light of joy to our marriage.